Where Beautiful Smiles Begin

  • Our Vision

    To produce user-friendly dentures made with advanced technology to allow everyone to feel confident with their smiles.

    Our Mission

    To develop a more efficient and convenient method of sustainable dentures through technology and design.

  • What We Do

    Affordable. Convenient. Durable.

    How It Started

    It started off as our Student Internship Programme (SIP) and a project under SUTD Design Odyssey 2.0 Programme.


    Our aim is to allow everyone to be able to enjoy their food without any problems.

    Problem Statement

    Due to an increasing ageing population, there is a high demand for dental operations in Singapore . Currently, 30% of Singaporeans aged 60 and older have several dental issues which include being edentulous, also known as having missing teeth.


    Depending upon the severity of the dental condition and the complexity of the dentures, patients would only receive their dentures 1 month after their first consultation.


    Within this 1 month, patients are unable to have proper meals and their speech will be impaired. Furthermore, patients would require several days or weeks to become accustomed to their dentures after receiving them.

    Our HMW Statement

    How might we aim to hasten the production of full dentures?

  • The Idea

    We intend to use Digital Dentistry to save time, save money and reduce frustrations.

    What is Digital Dentistry?

    Digital Dentistry refers to the use of dental technologies or devices to carry out dental procedures rather than the usage of mechanical or electrical tools. Digital Dentistry results in more efficient dental procedures compared to the use of mechanical tools, in both restorative and diagnostic purposes.

  • Competitor Analysis

    The conventional method takes up to 30 days


    Dental Visit

    Consultation, measurements and preparations for study model


    Manual Impression

    Formation of impression of patient's teeth, including pouring and casting


    Send to Laboratory

    Transfer of data by manual logistics


    Fabrication of Wax Rim

    Help in removable protheses


    Setting Up

    Usage of articulator for arrangement of teeth



    Investing of cast and wax in a flask preparatory to mould the denture-base material into the form of the denture


    Wax Elimination

    Removal of wax from mould


    Heat Cure Acrylic

    Mixing of acrylic for better colour stability and increase strength of denture


    Packing and Curing

    Filling and compressing a denture base matetial into a mould in the flask


    Trimming and Polishing

    Trimming and polishing of final denture product


    Transfer to Dental Clinic

    Delivery of the denture to the dentist for patient collection


    Completed Dentures

    Verification of the completed dentures for the patient during try-in appointment

  • Process

    Our process takes 2-3 days


    Dental Visit

    Consultation, measurements and preparations for study model


    Digital Impression

    Usage of impression mixing machine for formation of impression of patients teeth


    Transfer to Laboratory

    Data sheet of patient from dentist will be sent to laboratory electronically


    3D Scanner

    Scanning of impression model to attain digital model


    Usage of EXOCAD

    Usage of EXOCAD software to design and create the model


    3D Printing

    Printing of model created separately upper and lower (base & teeth)



    Insert teeth into the printed base


    Transfer to Dental Clinic

    Delivery of the denture to the dentist for patient collection


    Completed Dentures

    Verification of the completed dentures for the patient during try-in appointment

  • Focal Points

    3D printing of dentures

    Usage of 3D Printer

    In our design, we will be using 3D printing technology using Eden260V 3D printer to print out the full denture. The 3D printer can print a high quality denture in just 9 hours. This reduces the waiting time for patients to receive their dentures as well as the number of visits to get the dentures produced.


    With this technology, dentures can be produced within a few days instead of a month!


    Software used in Digital Dentistry

    EXOCAD is a software that consists of various features such as scanners, CAM integration, additive manufacturing and library integration. EXOCAD has a myriad of functions which include:

    • Scan the study model of the patient's mouth to view the severity of the patient's dental condition
    • Identify the optimum tooth path calculation to make it easier to design dentures that are more suitable for the patient
    • Access numerous additive manufacturing systems for dental applications
    • Access a complete set of implant libraries which supports the usage of titanium bases and the design of one-part abutments as well as screw-retained bridges
  • Potential Users

    Grace S.

    Age: 78

    Occupation: Retired teacher

    Problems Encountered: Troublesome maintenance, embarrassed without dentures, waiting time too long

    Goals: Clear speech, upright jaw, appearance looks good

    Peter C.

    Age: 55

    Occupation: Technician

    Problems Encountered: Unable to enjoy hard foods, food enters gaps between dentures & gum, troublesome to handle

    Goals: Raise self-esteem, enjoy meals

    Mun Chye

    Age: 67

    Occupation: Cleaner

    Problems Encountered: Too lazy to take extra care of dentures, have to adjust dentures frequently

    Goals: Make dentures less troublesome for users

  • Meet H.I.X

    We are a team of students from Temasek Polytechnic from the Diploma in Biomedical Engineering. We are currently participants of SUTD Design Odyssey 2.0 Programme.

    Ka Hui Yi


    Hui Yi finds that applying engineering techniques to the human body is a fascinating and rewarding endeavour. She specialises as a researcher and looks forward to learning new things every day.

    Nyimas Insyirah


    Insyirah aims to help improve people's lives through innovation and hard work. She plans to continue further studies in the Biomedical field. Her specialization is in the clinical field.

    Chua Xin Yi


    Xin Yi aims to gather more experience and skills through this project. Using her exceptional hands-on electronic skills, she aims to come up with ideas that can help the people around her.